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The First Teapotcartoons Service Internacional Cartoon Exhibition 2013

Teapotcartoons Service announces the First International Exhibition of the Art of Humor. The titles for this edition will be:
1)   TEAPOT”. (Mean Theme)
2)    Free


    All artists older than 18 can take part in the exhibition.
    The deadline for sending the cartoons is:
28th August 2013
Works can be sent via e-mail to:
cartoons will be accepted only by e-mail.3.    All participiants’ cartoon (s) will be exhibited (min: 1 cartoon). The organization comitee will contact the authors with works to be displayed and a list of the selected cartoons will be published on:
4.    All the authors with Works selected for the exhibition will receive a copy of the Album and also all participiants will be awarded with the certificate(s) and / or Diploma(s) for each exhibited cartoon(s). There will be 10 Diploma(s) for top 10 cartoons selected by the comitee.
5.    All cartoons selected will be part of the documentary collection of the teapotcartoons Organization.
6.    When sending their cartoons, the authors are giving the “teapotcartoons Organization” the authorization of reproducing and spreding their works. That reproduction and/or spreading must be done always making a reference to the author’s name and its objective must be related to the content of the exhibition, with no obligation generated regarding the aouthorship of the work.
7.    The organization reserves the rights of not displaying those cartoons that could violate individual or collective rights.
8.    The participiants will be responsible before any claim on the aouthorship of the works. The organization will not be responsible before any claim made by a third party upon the violation of intellectual rights or property of the works.
9.    The participation in the exhibition implies the acceptance of these general requirements and the renounce to any legal claim. The authors will be the sole responsible of their works.
10.     The cartoons must be original and must be signed. (They can be published but should not be awarded before.) They can be made with any tecnique and in any format with no text, with maximum dimention of A3 (297 x 420 mm).
11.     Maximum 3 Cartoons accepted for each titles. 12.     All cartoonists should send a short biography, contact details (adress, phone number, e-mail adress) and own portrait photo / Picture / caricature in JPG format max. 1 MB.
13.     All cartoons for exhibition must be made in formats JPG with a minimum resolution of 300dpi maximum 2 MB and they must be sent to:
                      The Exhibition will start:
10th September 2013.

There will be 3 Cartoon Exbitions in different saloons in following days.

First and second exhibitions will be in 2013 and the third exhibition will be in 2014.

(First Exhibition Theme: Free + Teapot)

Second Exhibition Theme will be anounced in following days and all exhibition will contain previous cartoons too.

We will contact with the all participants of these exhibitions again for each exhibitions.

For more information:


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